Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The first freeze of Autumn

We're supposed to have our first freeze of Autumn tonight.

I've brought in my potted plants

Including the tomato that I planted too late.

I've checked the downstairs doors and windows

and found my warm pajamas.

Maybe it won't freeze,

but as my mother and my grandma used to say

"better safe than sorry."

So, for tonight my potted plants are safe.

Perhaps the yellow tomato flowers on my tomato plant,

that was planted too late,

will have time to turn into tomatoes.

Perhaps in December our green tomato plant

Will have red tomatoes that look like red Christmas balls.

I saw my second child online tonight but my computer shut off before I could get in contact with her.

I've been wanting to call her but I have a cough that has made my throat sore and raspy.

I've had this cough for about ten days or so. I'm surprised it doesn't keep everyone else awake. Hopefully it gets better soon. At least I don't have a fever anymore.

I really hope to figure out how to add pictures to this blog.

I hope everyone keeps warm and safe.